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    Love the graphene theme!! Thank you

    Would like to make the picture in slider full width if possible, right now it is cut up with same pic. Also would like to show discription on each slider pic. Thanks in advance for any help.



    Well, you adjusted the dimensions of your slider. The new dimensions are 930x240px. You need to make your slider images these exact dimensions. Right now, they are all different sizes.

    To get the description, go to Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Slider Options… and under “Slider Display Style”, select “background image and excerpt”.



    I do have the background and excerpt selected and it is not showing description. What is best way to resize my images?



    I use Photoshop. Ken uses GIMP. I think it’s just personal preference.

    As far as not showing any description… this is because the page doesn’t have any text on it. Enter some text on the page being displayed in the slider, and you will see the description.

    For example, your second image slider links to “Landscape Lighting”. But, this page has no text. Enter some text on that page and you will see the excerpt in the slider.



    I will try gimp for the pics, thank you. I am using posts with featured image, should I be using pages with the featured image setting instead? I inserted landscape lighting on that post and still nothing.

    Thanks for the help



    It doesn’t matter whether it’s a post or a page. They should display the same in the slider.

    Can you take a screenshot of your slider settings in your admin panel for me to see?



    Do you have a email I can send it to?

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