Slider Gallery in a POST?

  • Kimber


    I need to add a gallery to the front page of my site. Can I add a gallery to a “post” even though it is not a page?






    Any suggestions on how to do it?



    You just need a gallery in a post? Create a new post upload your images.



    Yes, a gallery that will rotate images not thumbnails



    Oh I see you wanted images to rotate in your slider?

    Graphene Options -> Slider Options -> Slider display Style – > Background Image & Excerpt.

    Put your post in a category, and choose that category for the slider to rotate. Create the post and upload the image in “Set Featured Image.” Once you upload that photo set it as featured image. Should work.



    Thanks so much! Totally appreciate the help!



    Make sure you check featured image on slider option, and show post from category. You’ll have to create several posts, to upload each photo in as featured image. Not sure of having a full gallery just load there unless you use a different slider plugin.

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