Slider formatting not displaying

  • CeeEee


    There was a previous post about this: but it’s not working.

    Under “Excerpts Display Options” I have turned on “Show excerpts in front page” and “Retain these HTML tags in excerpts” and it doesn’t seem to be working.

    My client (new to me) says this used to work, but I was unfamiliar with Graphene until I started working on her site.

    Here is the site:

    All of the posts that are in the “Ask the Style Meister” category start with a red italic “Dear Style Meister” and that is the formatting she want to see in the slider.

    (I am now working on her site for free (learning opportunity!), because this slider was not part of anything that I worked on…)

    Any help MOST appreciated!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try adding <span> to the “Retain these HTML tags” option.



    Brilliant! Perfect! Thank you so much!!

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