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    Site is

    How do I make the fond in the slider same as the post?

    Sorry if a dumb q



    Hi there,

    Try adding this into your Child Theme or Custom CSS:

    .slider_post h2 a, .slider_post h2 a:visited {font: 24px "Pontano Sans", sans-serif;}

    That should ensure that the text in the slider matches the headings in your excerpts.





    Hi Sharon…thank you…but that is above my pay grade! Can you give me instructions on exactly where to put that?

    Thanks again!



    You can put it in your Custom CSS which is found by going to:

    Appearance – Graphene Options – Display – Custom CSS.

    Copy and paste exactly what I’ve given you above into the box that’s in that section, and that should ensure that the font changes to the same as what’s in your post headers. Hope that helps.

    Sharon 🙂



    Thank you again…I followed your instructions…still a different font

    I am surprised that the theme is not more user friendly in this area – why would there be an inconsistency.

    If you can tell me what font is being used everywhere else, maybe we can change the CSS to be consistent?

    Sorry for all the questions.




    The font being used in the headings of your posts on the front page is “Pontano Sans”, sans-serif. The text used in the slider is “Georgia”.

    I used the CSS above to change the slider heading on your site and it worked for me. If it’s still not working for you, try the one below, which is the same as what I’ve previously mentioned, just with the !important declaration at the end. Ensure you place it in your Custom CSS (Appearance – Graphene Options – Display – Custom CSS.).

    .slider_post h2 a, .slider_post h2 a:visited {font: 24px "Pontano Sans", sans-serif !important;}



    Ok…i misstated…its the slider header text thats the problme…not the body text.




    If you add the CSS above to your Custom CSS that should change the text in your slider to match that of your posts.




    I am not being clear –

    The HEADER in the slider is in a different font than the HEADER in standard posts.


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