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  • brandon


    Hello Syahir,

    at first: Graphene is the coolest and one of the best themes I tried, since I use WP!!! Thank you very, very much for your great work!

    The Background of my suggestion is:

    On the WP-installation of my youth federation we use Graphene. The slider is cool an good.

    We are also the admins of a website of our association of youth federations. In this association are organized round about 40 youth federations.

    My idea now is:

    to use the slider to show just the 1st post of their RSS-Feed on the web-page of the association.

    In the actual version of Graphene I found the possibility to type in only one external RSS-Feed.

    It would be great to capture the Link-List to select more than one Feed.

    Another possibility would be the optional expansion of lines for several feeds (sorry for my poor english, I hope you know, what I mean?! => Beside the current RSS-input field, a plus-sign appears, in order to create a further input field…)

    OK, I’d be very happy, if you see a chance to implement such a ingenious function.

    Best Regards and many thanks again for your great job!



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Goonies,

    The slider can only take content from posts and pages. The RSS feed in the options page is for the RSS button at the top bar.

    Try looking for a plugin that can automatically insert RSS feed into posts.

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