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  • Ricardo


    Finally my Social media buttons are working properly, the only thing I would like now is to get the buttons out of the slider.

    What I have done for the time being is put the category ‘Featured’ in the excerpts box, the only downside is that all the posts with the same category also don’t show the buttons. Is there any other way to only exclude the buttons from the slider?



    I had the same problem with this plug-in:

    Then I removed Auto Display option and manually put <?php if(function_exists('kc_add_social_share')) kc_add_social_share(); ?> in loop.php. This solved my problem. So Look around your plug-in. If they’ve given any code, paste that php code in loop.php..



    Fixed it by unchecking the ‘Excerpts’ box 🙂



    Ah! That’s the best solution. 😉

    But unfortunately the plugin I’m currently using doesn’t have this option.. 🙁

    Can you please tell me which plugin you’re using?





    Thanks! Will try that plug-in. 🙂

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