Slider dosent slide.

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    Im using this theme and it´s good.

    But my hiar is turning gray coz the slider docent change.

    I have checked that the settings is like this.

    PLS. advice

    Disable slider is not X

    What do you want to show in the slider

    Show latest posts is X

    Show random posts

    Show specific posts/pages

    Show posts from categories

    Number of posts to display 5

    Slider image “first maige in post

    Don’t show imageFeatured ImageFirst image in postCustom URL

    Custom slider image URL blank

    Upload or select image from gallery – Make sure you select Custom URL in the slider image option above to use this custom url.

    Slider display style tumbnail and expert

    Thumbnail and excerptBackground image and excerptFull post content

    Slider animation horizontal slide

    Horizontal slideVertical slideFadeNo effect

    Slider height 250


    Slider speed 7000


    This is the duration that each slider item will be shown

    Slider transition speed 2000


    This is the speed of the slider transition. Lower values = higher speed.

    Move slider to bottom of page no



    What’s the url to the site with the theme?

    This is usually caused by either;

    1. A plugin conflict with jquery. Try deactivating you other plugins and see if the problem persists.

    2. You only have one post on your site. Add more posts, and you will see them in the slider.

    Again, it’s hard to offer specific solutions without seeing the problem.



    Thanx dude, it was the google calender plugin that stoped the slider.

    So I´ve got one problem solved and a new one to fix.

    eny suggestion for a Google calander plugin that works whit this theme??



    My pleasure.

    Is this the plugin you were using??

    If so, you should be careful about installing plugins which are that outdated. WordPress was introduced to a huge system modification around version 2.8. Most of the plugins created before that version are going to be incompatible.

    How about this one?

    Or… here is a simple search with “google calendar” on the plugin repository:

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