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    I’m starting a new blog with Graphene Theme, and I have some trouble with the slider in the home page : It doesn’t work… It only show the last post, not the other.

    I tried to change the settings, but nothing seems happened.

    Does someone can help me?

    Thank You!

    My blog :



    Your slider work just fine here




    Yeah! Thank you for your response. I just fixed it one hour ago!

    Actually, I had downloaded a plugin (NWP Slideshow) which was interfered with the slider in the home page, so there was a conflict. I just removed it, and everything is working again.



    NWP Slideshow loads jQuery 1.7.1 from Google AJAX CDN. I’ve reported it. WordPress may take it down until the developer fixes it.



    Ok thank you! It can help someone else.



    My slider will not work, I have attempted various fixes found in forum and I cannot get it to work.


    Syahir Hakim


    @truegal, create a new topic and post your issue there. Creating a new post on a topic marked as resolved won’t get you many responses.

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