slider doesn't slide on my home page..

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    Hello and thanks for the theme. This a great job ans i appreciate it.

    I have a problem with the siler in my home page. it worked fine for a time but now, the slider won’t display all my posts. it displays only the recent post and there is no more effect slide. it looks like the slider is off.

    The link to the posts or the categorys below the slider (little square) doesn’t work anymore.

    All the options in the theme are good done.

    Maybe a problem with other plugins so here my plugins :

    this is my page

    Sorry for my english i do my best…!

    Thanks a lot for your help



    We are having this same issue. The slider no longer slides to the next post, and the little squares underneath the slider no longer work.

    Please advise.



    I tried a lot of things to solve this problem but no succes for now.

    maybe a problem with jquery but i m absolutly not a specialist.

    is there anybody who can help us please.



    hello !

    please help us !



    don’t work for me either



    i love this theme. The only drawback for me is also the slider which stopped working about 10 minutes after install. I may just disable it until a fix is found. This theme is worth the wait. 🙂



    Always the same problem.

    I tried to built a new site from the beginning. Everything worked well (plugins widget..) but the slider stopped working when i reload my first database with all of my old posts.

    I don’t understand.

    My new website link :



    I found something !!

    In the plugins WP events calendar, there is an option “protect Jquery” at the bottom of the settings, i disabled this option and….the slider is now working very well.

    hope it will help !



    Thank you so much! I had another plug-in, Thick Box, that had jQuery enabled. I disabled it and it works!

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