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    Hi there,

    i do have the following problem. My slider always only does work in ONE of the languages. My website supports english, german and spanish. Depending on in which language i was working lately the slider will show up. As i switch the language (clicking on language flag) the slider is empty.

    My website is



    edit: I found out why it is not showing posts when i change the language. My categories dissappear. In example: i have 3 categories: 1. Testimonials-englisch, 2. Referenzen_german and 3 testimonios_spanish. They are all set up properly and each testimonial is transllated to all three languages. Then i go into the slider menu in the “english” menu and set the slider up for “show post y categorie”. In this case i choose “testimonilas-english”, then save and it works fine.

    Now i repeat the same procedure for i.e. my german version. So i switch to my “german” menu do as said above and it works as well. So i go back to my website and it appears that the slider now ONLY works in the german version. The english slider disappeard. So i checked it in the english menu and i found out that all my categories (testimonial-english i.e.) are gone.

    I repeated that various times but it never works.

    Anyone has an idea???


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you translated the category itself?

    Example of the workflow when translating posts:

    1. Create post and assign to category in original language
    2. Translate the category into second language
    3. Translate the post and assign it to the translated category

    I’ve tried this on my dev setup and it works fine.




    thx for you reply. I ve found the problem. I used the wpml translation. This one was not compatible. I switched to qtranslate and now it works.

    So, problem resolved. Thank you for your great Theme. I am a total beginner and into WordPress only a few days and it is so easy to customize.


    Syahir Hakim

    I used the wpml translation. This one was not compatible.

    Actually, I tested it with WPML, and it does work.

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