Slider category selection option seems to be missing

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    Since the update to Graphene 1.5.1, it seems I have lost the option that allows me to choose what categories I want to display in the slider.

    Here are the options I have in the slider option tab:

    – turn off slider

    – what do you want to display (latest/random posts/specified posts/posts from categories)

    – number of posts

    – picture

    – url to custom picture

    – display style

    – animation

    – height

    – duration

    – transition speed

    – move slider to page bottom

    Nothing else in this tab.

    Is this normal?



    Hi drchewbacca,

    Take a closer look at the second option in your slider tab, “What do you want to show in the slider”.

    1st option will show latest posts.

    2nd option will show random posts.

    3rd option will allow you to type specific page ID’s for the specific pages or posts you would like to display.

    4th option will allow you to choose specific categories to display.

    I think you want the fourth option. Tick that bubble, and a new item will open directly below. It is titled “Categories to Display”. Here you can choose which categories to include or exclude on your home page.

    Hope this helps!!



    I don’t see Categories to Display even if I select the 4th option. Do you have a solution?

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