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    I noticed in Chrome, not sure if in IE or FF, that if my page sits idle on a tab for some time and I click back to its tab, the slider catches up. What I mean is when I moved off the tab, it paused the slider function. Then, when I click back on that tab, it’s like un-pausing it but it scrolls wildly as if it’s catching up on all that time it’s been off-screen. Is there something to fix this?

    To test, go to my page, open a new tab or go to another tab and five minutes or so later, go back to my page, you’ll see the slider doing this crazy behavior for a bit. Again, this is on Chrome.




    I’ve noticed the same behavior on my slider in the past. However, I was never able to identify a reason… and it’s not doing it anymore.

    (Maybe I should test mine in Chrome).



    Thanks, Josh. I will also test in FF and IE.



    Update: Firefox does the same thing when my site is not the active tab in the browser. Will try this on IE later today.




    Update: IE does not exhibit this behavior.



    So the problem is with Firefox and Chrome? Have you tried disabling your social sharing icons in the slider and check if the behavior persists?

    I know I had social sharing in mine at one time.. and I decided to pull them out. I’m not sure if this was the cause, but it’s worth a shot.



    I’m not using the Graphene sharing buttons at all. I’m using the AddThis plugin and I didn’t see any settings to exclude them from certain areas.



    Try temporarily disabling the plugin.

    I’m not saying it’s a solution… but we can at least rule it out if it’s not the culprit.

    However, it being a plugin… leads me more to believe it’s what’s causing the issue.



    Disabled AddThis plugin and it continued to do this. Any other ideas?



    Let’s wait and get some more “voices” in here. If I think of anything else, I’ll post back.

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