Slider – Can you display graphic only?

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    I want to use the slider to show a single summary graphic (that I have prepared in Photoshop) of information from a page, and none of the page content itself. I’d rather the graphic give the base info and let the user click over to the page (or post) that contains the details. Seems like every setting requires some amount of the page content to be included.

    Am I missing a setting or something, or is this not possible?




    Kenneth John Odle


    You might want to forgo the built-in Graphene slider and use something like the Meteor Slides plugin instead. You can get the Graphene slider to do what you want, but it’s much less work to use another slider plugin.



    Thanks for the reply. I thought about an external slider once I submitted this and ended up getting ‘Meta Slider’. You’re right, much easier to do it that way.

    I’ll mark this as resolved.



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