Slider Breaks When Returning to Tabbed page in browser

  • credling


    I am new to WP but not to HTML and CSS. I am wondering if anyone has run across this issue. I have loaded the Graphene WP Theme and modified it a touch. I want to display rotating images in the featured slider. That part I have figured out. What I have ran into is the slider seems to break after some time goes by. Here is what happens.

    I visit the page (in any browser). I create a new tab and do some web surfing on the second tab. After some time goes by I come back to the tabbed page with my Graphene WP Theme and the slider cycle times have increased dramatically, also it is only showing 2 of my 5 images. I am planning on have this be a business page that many local folks will see. I really don’t want this to be an issue, as it may speak to a lack of attention to detail.

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Bare in mind I am new to WP. Thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is actually a jQuery issue (jQuery is what powers the slider). You can read more about it here. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do until jQuery tools is fixed. However, it only happens when switching tabs, and therefore not everyone will see it, since not everyone uses tabs.

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