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    My slider has a white border around the outside of my slider image, and also crops the image at the base of the bottom of the slider. I assume I need to set the image size of the featured image, but what should I set it to? I am trying to modify the slider so that it only shows a full image, uncropped, and has no white border box around the outside of the image. Is there a way to change this border size? Where in the code should I be looking to modify this?




    Please, supply link to Your page!

    Its not easy to help You without 🙂




    I am running on my local server – so it is not online – but all I have done is insert a picture as a feature image, it appears in the slider, and the slider has the original blue border, but it also has a while border inside that seems to have a fixed width at the top and left side, a smaller width at the right side, and is cut off at the bottom. When I change the image size, the border on the top and left remains the same.



    Its not the sliders function so far.

    Then again you just might find the right css code to change width and height with

    Firefox & Firebug for Your needs.



    Syahir Hakim


    Are you still having this problem? If yes, please post a screenshot of your local site here.

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