Slider border not displaying when I select the Background image and excrept option

  • ragavanrajan


    Hi Folks,

    I really have a very strange issue and I finally found how the slider bar color was not displaying on my website. On Graphene option> genereal > slider option >slider display style > Background image and excrept immediately my slider border color vanished..

    can you guys pls fix this bug. ? Thanks for the wonderful theme



    Kenneth John Odle


    I currently see a border on your slider. Have you disabled this? It’s difficult to diagnose this without seeing it live.

    Have you tried all the usual debugging techniques, such as disabling plugins, etc?



    It is not a bug. It is developed to work in that way. Showing full sized slider image with (quite big) border above and below the slider looks weird.



    Hi Prasanna,

    so what am i doing wrong ? my images in the posts are too big ? I use to have the Background image and excrept before. Now it is not working

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