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    I’m in the development stages of the company that I work for website. The development site is

    My boss is happy with the results so far, but she wants to use some showcase properties that we have leased as the slider images without text. In the midst of developing this website, I have been thinking about how to implement her wishes to make this happen, and I’m drawing a blank.

    Do I have to create a “showcase properties” page to do this? Can I use multiple images on one page for the slider? Any advice that can be given would be so very much appreciated. Thank you.

    (And yes. I have used the search feature. It has helped me with a LOT of items I was having problems with tonight. Just couldn’t find anything relating to this. 🙂 )



    Well, a few issues here.

    1. The Graphene slider is designed to show “teasers” to posts/pages. Any post/page can have any image assigned to it, but then the image links to that particular post/page.

    2. If you have no need for the graphene slider, I would disable it, and replace it (via an action hook) with any other plugin out there which offers photo slideshows. They will have many more specific options to control a standard slideshow.

    Try to find a plugin which allows you to insert the slideshow via a shortcode. This will make your life easier when using the action hook.

    Do a search for action hooks here to gather information. Or, check out Ken’s super-awesome tutorial here:



    Thank you for your reply Josh! I’ve looked at Ken’s tutorial. It’s given me a couple of ideas already. Thanks again.

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