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  • Polaustere


    Some of the posts can be view only by registered users.

    Others can be senn by everybody.

    But when the “ten” last posts are “private”, the slider bug for unregistered users.

    How I can put both last articles and some specific articles in the slider to be sure there always be any “viewable” articles in the slider ?

    Sorry for my english and thanks for your answers




    Create another category for posts for registered users and exclude that category from slider.



    I do not want exclude any cat from the slider.

    I want to have posts for every body and posts for registrated users in the slider.

    And it works. When it’s a registrated user he can read all the posts, unregistrared users can read only the posts autorized.

    The probleme is : when the 10 (exple) last posts are from cat registrated users, there is a probleme at the connexion, an for unregistraded users. The slider bugs, and the page doesn’t charge any more.

    To solve this problem I would choose for the slider last pots from cat AND a post or a page to be visible in this case

    OR not have the ten last posts but the last posts of EACH category I’ve chosen.

    Thanks for u’re new answer

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