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    I just got this theme today and have two questions for now. On my slider, when it scrolls my recent articles/posts, four out of the five begin the article preview with “Tweet tweet”. This text isn’t in the actual article, and I was wondering if there was maybe a common bug. Hope so at least!

    My next one should be an easy answer. For the social media bookmarks on the very top bar, how do you find the actual URL for any custom buttons from the website that is recommended? I only see options for PNG and ICO downloads, and tried the actual url above and that didn’t work.

    I appreciate any and all suggestions, thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    That must have been added by one of the plugins you’re using. Try seeing if that plugin has any option to exclude inserting codes into excerpts.

    As for the social media icons, you can download the png icon to your computer, then upload it to your server using WP Admin > Media > Add New. Then you can use the URL of the uploaded png icon.

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