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  • Kappas


    Hi, very nice theme i like it, but i have a problem with the slider, dont show the first image on post…Any help ???

    Sorry for my bad emglish..

    Jon Lynch


    Just set the image you would like to use as the featured image.



    Τhanks for the answer, it does not function, only presents custom url image but not the first image in post

    Please help


    Kenneth John Odle


    In Graphene Options >> General >> Slider Options, look for the box marked “Slider image” and select “first image in post” in the drop down menu, and it should pick up the first image to display in the slider.

    However, it looks like you are linking to images that you do not host. These will not show up in the slider. For an image to show up in the slider, you must upload it when writing the post, or choose an image that is in your media library.




    Thanks Kenneth for your answer, i use the plugin FeedWordPress for the posts, and i will the slider to show the images…

    I search to found another slider with this function

    Thanks again and sorry for my bad english

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