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    I have a little problem with slider – the text is on the bottom instead of right side and ‘Read more’ button is not displayed. How to fix it?

    Also I have a question about date icon. How to change it to show only first 3 letters of the month instead of full month name?

    My tempoary website address is:

    Thanks in advence!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure about the slider issue, but I think it has been answered here in the past few days (weeks?). Take a look around.

    For the date issue, first read this page:

    and then go to “General Settings” and adjust what code you have in the custom date format. You probably want something like “j M Y”



    Thanks for answer.

    I found topic about the slider issue, however there was no answer solving that issue.

    Thats why I’ve decided to make new topic about the slider problem.



    Just found out another problem. Even if there are more than 1 comment, it always shows “1 comment”.

    Example here: – there are 4 comments and it says “1 comment” (1 komentarz).

    How to fix it?


    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s probably because the Polish translation is incomplete. See this if you are interested in helping to complete it:



    Thanks fixed it already.

    As you said the Polish translation was incomplete.

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