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  • larryntx


    I am not very knowledge with a slider. I am having issues with pic fitting within the space and basically everything to get a nice slider. I need to update my slider but am having issues. As anyone made a youtube video that walks you through the slider on this theme.

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong area before. Not really a blog and forum expert. If someone has time to assist I would appreciate the help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    No youtube video that I know of, sorry.

    Since you are only using the slider to display pictures (which is not really the way the Graphene slider was designed to be used), you may want to forgo it entirely and use something like the Meteor Slides plugin:

    It’s a fairly solid plugin that’s updated on a regular basis and is well-supported. I’ve never had problems with it, and a lot of people use it, so it’s worth a try.



    Thank you for the information. When you said graphene wasn’t designed for picture only do you mean it was designed to link to posts? I’m not sure which way I want to go. Can you use it with pages instead of posts. That might be a better way so that I only have to make the initial page and update it later. I guess he biggest issue I have is sizing the picture on the post page. Then comes the issue with the board and not distracting the picture with the line of text.


    Kenneth John Odle

    do you mean it was designed to link to posts?


    Can you use it with pages instead of posts.

    Yes. Go to Graphene Options >> General Options >> Slider Options -> “What do you want to show in the slider” and select “Show specific posts/pages”.

    In the box labeled “Posts and/or pages to display” enter the ID number of the page in question.

    To find the ID:

    Edit the page. Look at the URL and you will see something like:


    That “post=132” is the ID of the page.



    okay i will give that a try but how do I set image size to fit inside the slider area.

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