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    Hi is a site based off graphene and the person who created it has disappeared.

    We currently have the slider setup to show just 1 category of blog posts (featured). Some look fine and others are showing code on the slider.


    New Year’s Revolution Transformation Challenge

    Our 6-Week Challenge Is Guaranteed To Help You: Lose Inches Off Your Waist Burn Body Fat/ No Boring Cardio Increase Your Metabolism Move and Feel Better THEN IT ALSO SHOWS THIS BELOW

    <iframe height=”427″ allowTransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”width:100%;border:none;”src=””><a href=”” onclick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’,

    HOW can I fix this?

    Also I tried to disable the slider (that worked) and put in another slider plugin but I can’t figure out how to get a widget to go above the blog post….HELP




    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s because you have an iframe on that page which is interfering with the slider.

    You can try editing that post to put the iframe lower down on the page to keep it out of the excerpt that is showing in the slider.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.




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