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    I am currently selecting “Background Image/Excerpt” for the slider image. When the image is too small for the slider space, the image repeats as an image tile (same image starts over again). Is there a way I can turn that off so that the images centers and I can choose the background color?

    Here is my website:




    What I do is design a custom image for each page/post I want to display in the slider. I make the image the exact dimensions of the slider, so it fills the entire space.

    Then, on each post/page you want to display in the slider (below the editor window) there is a place to use a custom url.

    So, I upload my custom images to a custom folder, and then enter the URL to the image in the box on the corresponding post/page.

    This gives me precision control with how my images look in the slider.

    Let me know if you get stuck along the way.



    Hey Josh,

    What dimensions do you need to fit a graphic snug on the slider?




    What dimensions do you need to fit a graphic snug on the slider?

    From 1.6 onwards, it depends on your column width.



    @ Rachel,

    Provide a link to your site, and we can tell you the current slider dimensions.

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