Slide doesn't sslide and fixed menu is not fixed

  • 007me



    on my blog at the slider doesn’t slide, instead it shows 2 images. (I selected to display 2 posts in the slider).

    Also the fixed menu is not fixed. It disappear when scrolling.

    On my test blog at all looks fine.

    I believe that something is blocking this 2 option on my mail blog.

    Can you assist please?


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Udi, both the slider and the pinned nav bar are working fine from my end on your site. Have you cleared your browser’s cache?



    Hi Syahir,

    Did you check the test site or my blog with the problem at on mobile device?

    I cleared the cache on both FF and Chrome but the problem is still there:

    See here:


    Syahir Hakim


    Yep, I did check it on both Chrome on desktop and on an actual mobile device, and they both work as intended.

    If you try visiting Neo’s demo site using a mobile device does it work?



    Yes, it works and it also works on my demo site here:

    But not on my Prod blog 🙁



    I also checked from a clean iPad and it looks the same.

    Any solution what’s blocking my NEO from looking right?

    Any tools I can run on my Android mobile device in order to investigate it?



    Checked also with this url:

    same problem



    Any way I can download version 1.8 from somewhere and try to re-upload it to my server?



    Ok, this is strange! But when I’m changing the folder name of the “graphene-mobile-neo” to “graphene-mobile-neo-bak” the slider start working.

    After changing back it is still working but stopping after a while…. hmmm….



    Any solution Syahir?

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