Slide conflict with Accordions

  • adriano



    The slide does not work.

    I tried to disable plugins and the problem is TheThe Tabs and Accordions

    I need to use it !

    Can you help me please ?




    TheThe Tabs and Accordions plugin is poorly coded. It deregisters WordPress bundled jQuery and loads it from an external site. Plugins should never do this. This plugin is just BAD. Ask the developer of that plugin to fix it or don’t use that plugin at all. If you still want to use it, you may need to disable the slider, permanently.

    Edit: It seems you’ve switched the theme. Fine.



    Hello Prasanna

    I disabled the plugin and everything works fine.

    I will try other accordion at a later time… but calmly !

    Great theme great support

    thanks for all


    Edit: It seems you’ve switched the theme. Fine.

    you’re referring to my site !

    I use an old theme but when possible I want to use graphene 😉

    best Regards

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