Skip Hire Adelaide – My first website, what do you think?

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    Here is my site using the Graphene theme. It is really easy to work with. This forum has been helpful as I was struggling to get AdSense to show up. Finally got it though. Thanks guys.

    skip hire adelaide



    One thing I would suggest is to “fix” the background rather than “scroll”.

    You can add this to your child theme or custom CSS:

    body {
    background-attachment: fixed;

    Kenneth John Odle


    I agree. There’s also an option for that in the background settings.

    Your text is a little small, using FF 8.0. Definitely a different kind of website, though.

    BTW, what do you called a Skoda with a sunroof? A skip. (Sorry, just had to throw in a bit of UK humor humour.)



    lmao… I’ve always loved that extra “u” in European English.



    @Josh If possible, I would love to use that extra “u” on codes too.. Like “font colour”.. 🙂

    [Hmmm.. Indians do use European English while writing.. 🙂 ]



    Haha.. most definitely. I wonder which part of the world has the most graphene users??



    thanks guys 4 the pointers.

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