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    I uploaded a large jpg into media lib. (3000/2355, but when I insert it into the page it becomes much smaller. I’m trying to use a graphic for most of the home page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, WordPress automatically generates thumbnails as per your media settings, in an effort to optimise your website and reduce server load. You will need to specify the size of the graphic when you include it in your post.

    If you missed that step (which is easy to do), edit your post, then click on the image and click on the edit icon which appears over the image. You will be able to adjust the display size from there, iirc.



    I clicked on the edit icon, and went to advance settings. There it says the original size is much smaller than what I uploaded. When

    I enter the sizes I need, the image is the right size, but blurry. The basic setting is on “large” rather than thumbnail. (Thanks much for your support)


    Syahir Hakim


    Firstly, an image that’s 3000px x 2355px is way too big for the web. What’s the file size of that image, greater than 1MB I’m guessing? This will take far too long for the majority of internet users to download. Plus, the majority of people won’t ever view it at that size, since most consumer monitor sizes cuts off at 1920px x 1080px. So they’ll be downloading a huge picture but see it small anyways.

    Secondly, the “Large” size is still not the full size. It’s one version of the image created by WordPress, according to the dimensions set in WP Admin > Settings > Media.

    Thirdly, the theme itself (lazily) resizes the image you inserted into posts and pages so that the image doesn’t overflow the available content area for the post/page.

    Fourth, the theme displays the thumbnail size of the image for excerpts, regardless of how big the original image is. This is a design decision, but one that you could customise using a child theme.



    Syahir, I appreciate your advice. Of course, my idea wouldn’t work. I just needed you to point that out. Always learning.

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