Size police breadcrumb of my forum

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    I would like increase the size police breadcrumb of my forum, integrated in my website

    But, when !i write this code (find with firebug) :

    body {
    background: url("images/bg_g.png") repeat fixed 0 0 #000000;
    color: #2C2B2B;
    font: 12px/18px arial;
    position: relative;

    All text in the forum is to increase! But, I would like increase only the size police breadcrumb of my forum.

    I don’t find the css for the breadcrumb of the forum.

    Do you have an idea, please?


    .breadcrumb-navxt {
    color: #2C2B2B !important;
    font: 12px/18px arial !important;



    Hello Prasana, thank you for your replie!

    I write your code but, it does not change anything

    May be, there is a mistake somewhere…




    No replie ?

    Humm…, I don’t find a solution…

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