Size of header on mobile/tablets and URL to pictures in print-mode

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    I’ve just tested 2.1 and is very happy that the “Home” button is back again!

    But; If you click on the “print”-symbol, all URL’s to pictures is shown as text in the articles.

    On my site the title of the article isn’t shown below the header, but the header is shown on top of the title of the article. (the title is in the background of the head)

    And; When looking at the site with the new Graphene 2.1 (probably the same with 2.0) the space for the header is 198 px (or whatever you’ve defined it to be) and the picture is shown in the whole lenght instead of stretching the picture to fill the whole head-box. So on my mobile half of the head-box is white.

    Is it possible to have a smaller head on mobile/tablets, so you don’t have this problem?

    Thanks! 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    The URLs are being printed because in print, one cannot click on links, so the only way for people to know the URL from the printed material is if we print it.

    Copy this code to Additional CSS to disable it:

    @media print {
      a[href]:after {
        content: none !important;



    Okay, but do you know why the head is put on top of (overlayed) the title etc of the article when you click the print-icon?

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