sitemile with Graphene integration ?

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    As mentioned in other postings from me, I love the Graphene template and use it on about 7 sites, too hard to break away from due to the great feature, customization and support here in forums.

    The idea I had for a NEW site was for boating for my area, to post / sell boats and other features as well.

    Now my delema, the script I have found ( not yet purchased ) from:

    that I want to use to make the major idea work, post/ buy/sell etc. I am being told by the site owner would require additional work / cost to me to use my Graphene template that I just like too much.

    From the site owner:

    you can use any template but you will need to integrate it in place of the current design

    im saying we can get the functionality of the theme stripped and integrated into your template

    or vice-versa but that will cost

    I know it is hard to answer any questions without seeing the script of course, just wondering if anyone has any experince with sitemile auction and knows if I can use my current template:

    ( Demo site) untill domain is established.

    I stopped working on things at the moment in the event I am waisting my time doing layout and adding plugins.

    Thank you.

    There demo by the way is found on:

    thank you for any support and suggestions.




    Does the site owner of the auction plugin say anything about it’s compatibility with WordPress in general? Is there a certain theme THEY recommend?

    Do they have any suggested methods of integration with WordPress?



    not really?

    I asked if I could use my current plugins like WP Symposium and paid listings plugin could be used, answer was yes, but it seems their plugin is set for their own template.

    im told I can use Graphene template but it would require additional intergration that I could pay for, through them….


    Syahir Hakim


    That Auction theme is a theme, so no, there’s no easy way you can use it with a Graphene theme, since you can’t use two completely separate and different themes and simply join them together. You will have to port over all the auction features from the auction theme into Graphene theme, which is what they’re proposing to do for you.




    I really just wanted their fuctionality of a full running action plugin like ebay, but to use your template.

    I love their script / funtionality, just hate their theme / template.

    No scroller, set width etc etc,,,


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