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    Hi guys. I am having the following problem. If i add a Title and Tagline thrue the “General Settings” on the Graphene Theme, it will add them on top of my Header Img.

    This looks really silly if i add it. If not it hurts SEO… is there a option that i add them without them appearing over my Header Image?





    Kenneth John Odle


    You mean you want to include them (for SEO purposes), but you don’t want them to show up because they don’t look good on top of your header image? Interesting…

    Try adding this to your custom CSS:

    .header_title, .header_desc {display:none}

    They shouldn’t display, but if you go to “View Source” in your browser, they still should show up in the html.




    Thanks for the instant reply. Btw i found a better solutions for the noobs like me here…

    Appearence -> Custom Header -> Display Text -> NO



    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, if you look at the html, you find that option actually adds that css styling to the elements in question:

    <h1 style="display:none;" class="header_title"><a style="display:none;" href="" title="Go back to the front page">Dota 2 Infos, Guides, Videos, Tricks und Tipps für alle Heroes</a></h1>

    Awesome catch! Definitely easier, and always better to use a theme option than to mess with custom CSS.


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