Site takes almost a minute to load.

  • AlPew


    My wordpress site has started taking over 60 seconds to load a page and I am lost as to know what I’ve done that’s caused this and how I can sort it out.

    Any ideas where I should look or any tools that might point me in the right direction? Please bear in mind any advice needs to be at beginner level as I am not an expert.

    Many thanks in advance.




    Hi Alan

    I’ve just tried your site and it loaded pretty quickly, less that 3 – 4 seconds which is pretty good.

    I would suggest getting rid of the page counters as they don’t really do anything for the site, its appearance you actually provide any meaningful statistics.

    You’d be far better of registering with Google Analytics and installing their tracking code. The results are pretty spectacular if you need to know just how “busy” your site is.

    Hope this helps.





    Hi DezD

    I’m gobsmacked!

    I just tried the site myself this morning and as you said it loaded in seconds. That is the first time a page has loaded as quick as that in more than 3 months. I’ve not touched it so I am just as mystified now to know why its gone back to normal. Must be your magic touch! 🙂

    Thnaks for the advice regarding the website counters I’ll look into Google Analytics.

    One question I have is now is I want to migrate my domain name across to the new wordpress site. So instead of appearing as it appears as I also want it to appear as just on Google as well. Is there an easy way of doing this? I’m assuming I will have to change all my internal links?




    Syahir Hakim

    Is there an easy way of doing this? I’m assuming I will have to change all my internal links?

    Unfortunately no easy way, although it becomes easy enough if you’ve done it countless times. See here for starters:



    Many thanks Syahir, I’ll have a read through.




    I may have spoken to soon as the site has slowed back down again and is back to taking about a minute to load. I’m completed stumped as to where to begin investigating this.

    I’ve made no config changes on the site other than add about 3 posts.

    Any pointers would be really appreciated.


    Syahir Hakim


    Could be any one of a myriad of causes. These are just a few:

    1. Server usage is over its capacity

    2. Your site is making many HTTP calls to many websites before loading the page

    3. Rogue script causing infinite loop

    4. Packet losses to and from the server

    5. Misconfigured plugins

    6. Badly-written plugins

    Try disabling all your plugins and see if the site loads with a consistent loading time over a period of, say, 2 or 3 days.



    Hi Syahir

    Thanks for the suggestions that I have worked through and it appears the culprit was a plugin called “Bliss Drive Hit Counter Plugin”

    I’ve removed it now and the site is much quicker.

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.



    Syahir Hakim


    Where did you get that plugin from? I couldn’t find it on If you got it from there, it might have been removed for reasons such as the one you were having.



    I searched for the plug-in via the Plug-in menu on my WordPress site. The URL for support was but I get a ‘your IP address has been blacklisted’ message when i try it now.

    Clearly a problem with it and I’m better off without it!

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