Site not loading on ONE computer…of course it is the client's

  • Craig


    Hey guys. Sorry to bring up a one-of-a-kind problem but I just wanted to throw it out there to the experts before I try to diagnose this long distance. Created new site at and tested in IE8, IE9, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Works fine so I rolled it out. However, client is still using Windows Vista and IE8. (Cue Ken’s head exploding.) Home page loads fine but sub-pages behave weirdly showing only the footer content or a mash up of code.

    Before I dive into this from four states away I wanted to see if you guys know of something that might keep the latest Graphene from working in this old environment. My first suspect was a Java incompatibility (she has Sun Java standard Edition 6, Update 7). I’m also curious if table structure could matter in that a number of the sub-pages have tables hard-coded in to them because of some alignment requests.

    I know this is impossible for you to test but would love to hear any ideas you might have as you guys know the inner-workings of the code much better than I do (especially the php side). As always, thanks for the great work and dedicated hours of support.

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