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    Hey Guys,

    Seems my site has been hacked. Does anyone know if any free plugins that I can use to scan my site, and protects from hacks etc?

    I got an email from Google of a phishing attack today, here is the link which is stil active, any idea how to remove it?

    I changed all my passwords last month, and I am not sure how they got in, changed my password again. I went on my site on Fri and it was blank, seems someone cleared my index.php file, I also noticed a new plugin was installed which is used to update and edit ftp files, dont remember the name, but deleted it. I restored the index.php file and got my site back up, however, today I got the email from Google of a phishing attack.

    Here is a list of recent files that I noticed were changed or deleted in the last week.

    php5.php – Deleted

    sitemap.xml.gz – Different

    file56406651.php – Deleted

    snd72738620.php – Deleted

    Index.php – Different – 0Bytes



    Yesterday I came across a great WordPress Security plugin called WordFence ( ). It helps to clean up a hacked site. Install it and make a scan. It compares the files in your site with the wordpress ones and replaces it with fresh files if it finds any changes in your site.

    Sorry mate. I’m on mobile now. So, couldn’t help anymore FTTB.. Can look into this issue tomorrow though..



    Hey no worries, thank you for the info! I am going to install and check it out now.



    Okay bro, I might need some help, cause I had alot of errors come up. 36-Yellow Marked Errors and 17-Red Errors.

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