Site hacked.? Arabic link at bottom of page – unable to remove it.?

  • stevieboyee


    My website has been blitzed by Google for a site wide link pointing to some Arabic website.

    A link has appeared at the very bottom of each page below the footer in very fine print saying: Protected by تحميل برنامج

    I have no idea how it has got there.

    I cannot find any way to remove it.?

    In order to see this link clearer I tried to change background colour [normally straightforward] But, it is not posible to change it now.?!

    Can someone please help me on this as my site has gone from page 1 and is now almost unsearchable….

    many thanks

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    Temporarily disable all plugins and check if it goes. One of your plugins might be adding that.



    Im right on it. ……



    A quick Google search brought up a site having similar issue

    Do you have a right click disabling plugin?



    Yes, it looks like a plugin which disables right click and copying. Did you find which plugin is adding that?



    Prasanna, you are a legend….

    I disabled plugins which fixed background problem and removed the link.

    Activated one by one and found it to this pluging: wordpress prevent copy paste promoted by

    Once activated it leaves a tiny unseen link right at the very bottom of your page – the sneaky sods…. but the link goes to some Arabic website.?

    I cannot thank you enough for your help..

    take care




    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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