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    I’ve been customizing the theme to fit my liking and so far it has been a charm but now I got a weird issue.

    When I in a post (not page) the Post is being pushed out of the #content-main div, and causes alignment issues. I have no idea why, but the #content-main is being closed right before the post.

    I am using the regular not overloaded loop and checked for the extra div everywhere but cant find it…

    my site is:

    I am using sidebar two because I am using sidebar one on pages and on the other side.

    So I am using get_sidebar(two); in the header right before the #content-main div commented out our sidebar function in the mean time.



    Any ideas why its doing that?



    Found the problem the loop had a if single postnav </div> since I am not using the postnav div I just removed the code from the loop, and it all works now!

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