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    Would it be possible to have a simulation mode for the mobile neo theme on the desktop (within wordpress dashboard preferably)? I think that would be very convenient in tailoring the theme, experimenting with different settings (NB and it would prevent ruining my stats with developer induced page/post hits.)


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is why we always recommend having a test site set up somewhere, or doing development in a local host enivornment, using WAMP or LAMP.


    Syahir Hakim


    Many browsers allow you to change its user agent, effectively turning a desktop browser into a mobile browser as seen by the site. If you’re using Firefox, try the User Agent Switcher add-on.




    Thanks for the tip on the user agent switcher for firefox. It works like a charm, just resizing the dimensions of the browser. If I look at side while being loged in to my wp dashboard the stats are not hurt either.

    setting up a test environment would be better I quess, but I must admit that I think that a bit heavy for my purpose at the moment. But who knows one day when traffic goes trough the roof 😉

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