Simple Press Plugin will not display- Placing call in loop.php

  • tmigeek


    We love what we’ve seen of the Graphene theme but our Simple Press Forum will not display.

    On the graphene forum there is a closed topic that refers to placing code in the loop.php file. Closed Topic

    The Simple Press Wiki says the plugin uses calls in header, footer and page template locations:

    The Page Template

    This is most usually name page.php.

    More rarely, though not impossible, your theme page template nay be mssing a similarly necessary call – this time to the_content(). Take a look at the template and locate the call. If it does not exist we suggest that you open your theme index.php file, locate the same call in that file, note it’s position and copy it across to your page template.

    So, the closed topic appears to suggest a sample for the loop.php code but says “some code for simple press” What ‘code’ can we put in that location to get it working?

    In the loop.php file, put something like this:

    <?php if (is_page()) { // Some code for Simple:Press } ?>

    Thank you for your help…

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