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    I’ve just made some adjustments to my wordpress site that’s still in progress. I’ve made it so that certain child pages have two columns, with the sidebar to the left. When I add a widget to it, the widget appears on top of the page content. If I change it to the right, then the widget drops below the content.

    What am I missing? I tried adjusting the column width in Graphene settings, including making sure I was at or under total page width.

    Page in question:

    Thanks in advance!



    Are you adding the widget to the proper placeholder?

    In other words.. are you sure you’re adding it to one of the “sidebar” placeholders… and not the “header” placeholder?



    I’ve got the column set to be on the left in the Graphene Options page, and the widget set inside Sidebar Two to be displayed on the left hand side. Ive tried it in the reverse as well, to no avail.

    Are there any other options I may be missing or any other info I can share with you that will help identify the problem?



    I just figured it out – it was a column pixel size issue – thanks for getting back to me. 🙂



    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.



    I am having the same issue but have not figured out how to prevent the right column from going below the middle column. I tried different variations of pixel sizes for each column but to no avail. Can someone give specifics on what I need to do? My site is


    Kenneth John Odle



    It’s best to start a new thread for this, as no one may notice that you’ve responded to a thread that is resolved.

    You can also search the forum. One of the following posts will probably fix your issue:



    Thank you Kenneth. Makes sense. Will check out the links and hopefully fix my issue.

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