Sidebar/Widget css issue

  • brian


    Although i tried to make some changes to the original .css, it doesn’t show except for the left border (which doesn’t show in red) even when deleting the url and changing the file sidebar h3.png

    the ‘fxghfgh’ sidebar retains the former image in firefox, chrome, and opera and for some reason the code below is the only way to get it to behave. What am i doing wrong?




    What am i doing wrong?

    You’re editing main theme file.

    Create a child theme (link) and insert modifications in child-theme style.css

    For other things, I’m not quite sure what the problem is. How should widget titles look like?



    Luko thanks for the reminder… i knew i forgot a few child themes. Also i’m still learning about widgets and all i can see is that the changes only show when i have the widget id code in place. Going to give this another try when i get home.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have a random asterisk in your code.



    Well this is most embarrassing! The asterisk was the culprit all along. Thanks for pointing this out Kenneth and I apologize for time wasted you two.

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