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    Hello I’m having some trouble with my sidebars and hoped someone could help!!!

    I want the Meta and archive sidebars to disappear on my ‘news’ (blog) page. I have tried altering the column options on graphene options. However if I choose one which does eliminate the problem on the news page, my posts have no left sidebar and I really want the posts to have right and left sidebar -the left sidebar being a menu of that particular child’s parent category if that makes sense! (See the directory of baby and toddler groups…!!)

    Essentially- how do I have left and right sidebars in posts,and just right sidebar in news??

    I have custom sidebars plugin etc..

    The website is

    Thank you in advance for any help!




    is a page right?

    Edit news and choose two columns, sidebar on the left in the page attributes/ template



    Hi ronangelo,

    Thanks- you are right, it is indeed a page, but I have tried that (I have also tried no sidebars- one column; and all other page layout options) and the Meta and archives still remain!

    Is this a bug, do you think- should I try deleting the news page? The only thing is I don’t know how to create a new blog/news page after I delete the news page!





    I have solved my own problem!

    I already had the Custom Sidebars plugin but had overlooked that there is also a bit on the Custom Sidebard configuration page (Appearance….> Custome Sidebars) where there is a whole tab called “Default Sidebars”.

    Here, you can set a Custom sidebar area (with whichever widgets you like, such as a custom menu- you need to create a custome sidebar and then alter the widgets for the custom sidebar on the widget page) and allocate it to each page/ type of page by default INCLUDING the category archive and blog pages. So, you can finally get rid of the Meta widget and archive sidebars on your category archive and blog/ news pages.

    Sorry if this sounds obvious to people or is not using the right technical language! But I did come across some otehr posts with the same problem, so hopefully this helps someone!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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