Sidebar's gone AWOL (Missing) after Upgrade

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    Ive just updated the graphene theme to 1.7, I must say i’m impressed with new add-ons and flexibility.

    However my right sidebar’s decided to go for a lil walk.

    The left sidebar works just fine, now the right one remains blank whenever i switch to the right sidebar using the “Column Option”


    Syahir Hakim


    Widgets in the left and right sidebar are managed separately. If you visit your site’s front end while logged in, there should be a message informing you which widget area exactly that has no widgets in it.



    Ive always used the right sidebar, and i can assure you there’s tons of widgets in it

    sidebar Two is for the left and it has nothing in it and will usually display “You haven’t placed any widget into this widget area.”

    All i did was update my theme from 1.6 to 1.7 and the right bar’s gone missing. I do have widgets in it otherwise i’d be getting “you havent placed…” text.

    And the blank sidebar only happens when my child theme’s activated. Ive never used a left sidebar, i’ve only tested it to see if it work, if you go on my homepage right now you’ll see blank widget area.

    Btw thanks for looking into the topic.


    Syahir Hakim


    What files do you have in your child theme?



    I have a 404, footer, function (which doesn’t really work), and styles of course.

    Im guessing the 404 is the cause.. I’ll rename the footer.php on the child theme to see if it works



    fixed it, It was the footer.php file.. Thanks for the wake up call Syahir

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