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    I just widened my container and added a left sidebar widget (already had a right) but now only the left sidebar will display. I have reset my static page display to force it to show both side bars (instead of theme default). I’ve tried removing the widgets and replaced them but its still showing blank. I checked the math on my container/sidebars to make sure it’s not a space issue. Is there anything else you can suggest? the site is at



    Update: Still can’t get the right sidebar to display in three column mode. In other pages, I’m trying to set the page to 2 column with sidebar on the left. Instead of them appearing side by side, they’re stacked. an example is at

    My graphene settings are:

    container: 1120

    two column: 940 & 180

    three column: 180, 640 & 280

    (i had edited the three column mode to a lower total to try to see if that would “help”, it was previously 180, 640 & 300)



    Well, I’ve tried everything I can think of to resolve this…which is too bad because i really wanted it to work… but can’t so i’m just going to revert my site to how it was before i expanded the container and added the left sidebar but now i don’t remember what the settings were for the container and the widths for the page and 1 sidebar. can you help me?



    nevermind! figured out how to reset to defaults and as soon as i did the right widget magically appeared…. then i reset my container to the larger size i wanted and all is well! I should’ve given up hours ago and tried the reset!

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