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  • Anonymous


    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have an idea how to set up a custom background color specific for a single widget area so that it is different from the entire sidebar background?

    For example one of 3 text widgets to have its own background color





    Well, You can insert html code in text widgets, say we want to place a picture:

    Then You can trim the html code with background statements, knowing the size:



    Syahir Hakim


    The upcoming version 1.3 will have each widget item being assigned a unique ID attribute, so you can target them individually and according to widget type more easily.

    Bobby J


    Hi Kim,

    I tried using the tutorial given here

    but it does not work.

    It may be OK for a simple table but when I try using it to set up the background of one of the sidebar widgets it does not work. The background defaults to the sidebar overall settings (I guess).

    Syahir, great you are adding this option for the next update.

    Until then any suggestions how can I make it work now?

    Thank you



    Well, then my advice is to wait for Theme update.


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