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    how do I create widget links with blank targets on wordpress with Graphene theme

    I want links that people open to open a new instance of when selected. How can I make this happen?

    I Googled the first sentence and came up with nothing. Hoping for better answers from the Graphene support system itself.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is just basic HTML. You can find out about the code you need here:

    and practice in their sandbox area, as well. When you finally nail down the code you need, just add it to a text widget.

    I Googled the first sentence and came up with nothing

    Searching is an art as well as a science. Generally, search engines work better with words or short phrases. For instance, Googling “open links in new window” gives you these results.

    Any problems, let us know.



    I know how to hard code blank targets but when it comes to widgets listing links like I have on I do not have the ability to access the hard code information. In such cases as that what do I do?



    Dashboard -> Links -> All Links -> Edit a link and you’ll be able to select _blank in Target sub panel.

    These are not theme related questions, rather WordPress related questions. So, asking them in WordPress support forum will give you quick responses.

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