Sidebar widget Headers Not Resizing with Column

  • seranade


    I have changed the sidebar widths in graphene options display , but the widget headers are not extending to the width of the containers. Can’t figure out where to adjust these.

    Thanks. Great theme!





    .sidebar h3 {
    width: 110%

    Kenneth John Odle


    You should use Graphene options to change columns widths, not custom css.



    I did change the sidebar width & options via Graphene Options – the side bar header no matter what options I chose was still showing up about 10-15 px shorter than the actual sidebar container. Regardless of what I set the sidebar settings to the header was still short — on the graphene demo site, the headers functioned correctly – so, I’m confused – I am using the theme on 3 different sites, what is very weird that only on one of the sites has expected widget header behavior


    Kenneth John Odle

    only on one of the sites has expected widget header behavior

    Then you need to isolate what is those two sites have in common that they don’t share with the third one.

    I recently saw something similar here:

    but haven’t had the time to figure out what the cause is.



    yup, I found it, was so tired over the weekend wasn’t thinking correctly – it was my left over grid css for cpt display that was causing the conflict with the theme grid – Cheers. The 3rd site I didn’t have any grid css —


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