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    Hi there,

    I am working on and the format of the full blog post pages are weird. The sidebar should be to the right of the post. However, it is actually showing up below the post even though there’s obviously room to the right. Here’s the link to the page I’m talking about; I have been playing around with the stylesheet and the various php files. But I just can’t seem to figure it out. Please help me!




    You are missing a closing </div> tag somewhere in your code. Have you inserted any div tags (maybe in your widgets) that didn’t get closed properly?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I have been playing around with the stylesheet and the various php files

    You really should be doing this in a child theme. You probably deleted something from a php file that needs to be there. Josh has a good video on creating a child theme. I would recommend that you reinstall Graphene and then use a child theme to effect changes.



    I used the page source feature of Firefox to check out how many div statements (opened or closed) there are in the content-main section of the blog post page. Thanks for the idea Josh! There were an odd number, so somewhere in there is where the problem lies. However, I can’t seem to narrow it down any further and I have no idea in what file the solution may lie. Can anyone help me with any ideas?




    Well, it’s hard to say for sure. We need to narrow it down…

    Have you changed any of the “core” files of graphene (ie header.php or index.php)? Or have you only added widgets and plugins?



    I have only added custom html to the header.php file. And some minor style.css changes.



    Post your header.php file in it’s entirety on pastebin (

    Click submit and then copy the URL and paste it back here. Then, we can look at your code and see if we can find the stray <div>.



    Here’s the link:



    Okay, I don’t see any problems there. If you would like, you can provide me with a temp admin username and password and I will take a look at your text widgets.

    You can use my contact form on the link below to send the info.

    If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your site, you can take a look at each text widget and make sure the divs align properly.

    What concerns me is in your original message you mention you were “playing around with various php files”. Are you SURE the only one you changed was the header.php?




    Thanks for taking a look at that file. I took a look at the index, comments, page, sidebar, template-twocolumnsleft and loop .php files trying to find something that would give me a clue as to the problem. All these files are as they were originally loaded with the base theme.

    I checked all the text widgets as was initially suggested here. Everything’s cool. Besides, the widgets work just fine on all the other pages; ie., the homepage and all the category pages.

    I will set you up with a temp admin user id on the blog and send it to you as you instructed in a few minutes.


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