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  • siso


    Hi, I have problems with the sidebars. When I try to put a right, left or both sidebars (in the theme options panel) appears a lot of links in the bottom of my page, and although I put widgets on this sidebar, I can’t watch them.

    This is my page where you can see this “links”.

    Thanks and sorry for the english.


    Syahir Hakim


    Did you modify the theme’s files in any way? Your sidebar markup doesn’t look the same like the theme’s markup. Are you using a child theme? If yes, what files are in your child theme?



    I think thatt I didn’t modify the theme’s files. I only changed the options of the theme (in the options theme panel).

    About the child theme…I don’t know what is it…sorry.



    Syahir Hakim


    Er..ok. What plugins do you have installed?



    Only one called “Calendar” but I disabled it because I can see widgets…


    Syahir Hakim


    ok, that’s weird. Can you try removing all widgets from your widget area?



    I have removed all widgets of my widget area but nothing happens.

    If there is one way to “re-start” all and it is easier to resolve the problem I am ready to use it because I don’t have importants things in the page yet.

    Sorry but I don’t know much about this theme…and sorry for my english too.



    Syahir Hakim


    There’s really no need to be sorry. You’re here for assistance, and we’re here to help you 🙂

    You can try reinstalling the theme again. Just delete it and then install it again.



    Yes!!!! It works!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

    The Lady GM



    I am experiencing something strange with my sidebars. I use the right sidebar, but yesterday it was blank and all my widgets fell beneath my last post.

    I switched the sidebar to the left and that works fine, but I don’t want to keep it that way.

    Any advice, or any idea what went wrong?

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