Sidebar position is changing using event calendar

  • jjj


    Hi, im working for just a few days on WordPress and i allready love it ;-) Im using the graphene theme and just recognized, that the position of the right sidebar is changing to left, when choosing a date on the calendar. Does anyone have an idea?



    It looks like you are missing a closing </div> tag somewhere. Your sidebar is supposed to be up top on the right, next to your slider; NOT down below it.

    Go back to where you have inserted custom code and double-check your divs.



    Thx Josh. Is anyone able to take a look on the discribed issue? Sorry, but im a newbie and dont really know on which file i have to check it ;-(.



    Hey! Why do you use backtick instead of Apostrophe? (Here, in this forum)



    Sorry 😉


    Syahir Hakim


    It looks like the Event Calendar plugin is using its own template, which is missing a closing div. You can probably get more help from the plugin’s author, since we’re not familiar with the plugin’s codes.

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